General Questions
  • What are the system requirements to run Starport Delta?

    Minimium system specs required to play:
    Windows 7
    Intel i5 / AMD FX 6300
    8 GB RAM
    Nvidia GTX 950 / Radion R9 280X
    4 GB available space

    Recommended system specs required to play:
    Windows 10
    Intel i7 / AMD FX 8350
    16 GB RAM
    Nvidia GTX 970 / Radion R9 390X
    4 GB available space

  • The initial launch is on Windows PC, with Mac and Linux builds to follow shortly.
    Keep an eye on our Steam news or Twitter posts for release date announcements for Mac and Linux platforms.

  • Yes. No matter where you purchase your copy of Starport Delta, you will always be supplied a Steam key.
    The game uses Steam's cloud saves and leaderboard systems so it is an important part of the gameplay experience.

  • No. A Steam account is required to play Starport Delta.
    At this time we are not looking to release a DRM free version.

  • Absolutely. We have plans for more missions through DLC content as well as generally supporting the game and providing patch fixes when needed.

  • Starport Delta supports the following languages:
    Spanish (Spain)

    More languages will be added, so keep an eye out in our Steam news or Twitter posts for more information.

Techincal Support
  • Please ensure that your system meets the minimium specification level.
    If it does and you are still experiencing problems, please submit a support ticket.

  • The most common cause of errors on launch are anti-virus software related.
    Try disabling your anti-virus application and run the game again. If this fixes the issue, you might have to whitelist Starport Delta in the application to prevent errors on launch.

  • Sometimes settings configurations can get corrupted by different means. The game tries to repair or reset broken configurations but if this process fails due to file permission problems, you can manually remove these settings files and let the game regenerate them on launch.
    Locate your Steam installation folder and browse to [Steam Install Directory]\steamapps\common\Starport Delta\StarportDelta\Saved\SaveGames and delete all files in that location.
    Please be aware that this will delete your save-game files too, any saves stations will be cleared by performing this action.

  • If you accidentally chose the wrong language and you cannot understand what you are clicking on, exit the game and browse to the installed path.
    This will be located in [Steam Install Directory]\steamapps\common\Starport Delta
    Once you have found the installation directory browse to Starport Delta/Saved/SaveGames and delete the file called Settings.sav
    Now restart the game and select the flag associated with the language with which you speak.

  • Ensure that your PC's hardware meets the minimium specification to run the game. The minimium and recommended specifications can be found on the left side of this page.
    There are a number of graphics options available once you reach the in-game menu. Try setting these options to low, and reducing the resolution scale.